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Pamela McGivney
42 Meadowbrook Road
North Wales, PA 19454

Professional Experience

1998 - Present

Administrative Assistant, Technology Planning and Management Corporation
Assisted the Office Manager with all required administrative tasks necessary for successful operations of the office, including producing proposals, corporation documentation, presentations and technical work.  Edited information system documentation; formatted, proofed, and generated graphics for scientific or management reports.  Other tasks included completion of travel expense reports, purchase requisitions, employee reimbursements and redesign of forms.

1994 - Present

Freelance Graphic Artist/Office Support
Assignments included reformatting and redesign, typesetting, and editing of various publications; creation and maintenance of filing and bookkeeping systems; design of layout samples for book proposals.  See portfolio for examples of work completed.

7/92 - 8/93

Director of Support Services, ERM New England
Supervised administrative staff.  Designed and updated company formats, educated employees on computer software, prioritized and delegated all correspondence to administrative staff, participated in the Computer and TQM Committees.

12/89 - 8/92

Administrative Manager, H+GCL
Assisted General Manager and supervised administrative staff.  Supervised Word Processing department.  Prioritized and delegated all correspondence, designed all company formats and trained new word processing technicians.

1/87 - 12/89

Senior Word Processing Specialist, Shooshanian Engineering Associates
Typed memos, letters, reports, charts, and specifications for all trades of a construction engineering firm.  Coordinated work, maintained directories and central files and trained new Word Processing department employees.

1/84 - 1/87

Word Processing Specialist, The Provident Institution For Savings
Typed letters, reports, memos, labels, standing orders, form letters, financial statements, schedules and procedures for all departments of the Bank.


Rockland High School - Graduated June 1981 with High Honors
Business Preparation Program - Typing, Shorthand, Word Processing, Accounting

Special Skills and Awards Received

Typing: 100+ WPM

Computer Training:

  • Macintosh/IBM
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Office - Word, Excel
  • WordPerfect
  • Lotus
  • Aldus - Pagemaker, Persuasion, Freehand
  • Claris Works
  • MacDraw
  • Quicken 4
  • QuarkXPress
  • Print Deluxe
  • NCR/PC
  • Lanier Shared Logic
  • DecMate Superwriter/Supercalc)
  • Wang PC and OIS
  • Corel VENTURA

Awards Received:

  • 1st Place, Typing Contest at Aquinas Jr. College
  • Margaret Irwin Scholarship, Rockland High School
  • Three-time Business Award winner, Rockland High School
  • Three-time 1st Place winner, Typing Contest at Rockland High School


The following are large image files of scanned samples of my work.  You may click on "thumbnail" to view a smaller version of each file, or click on the titles for the full image (above 200K).



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